BOM TNC Logistics Corporation Shareholders Dear Congress Programme and reports, the statement will be submitted at the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders dated 04.22.2016 17th.
1. The General Meeting of Shareholders in 2016 Annual
2. General Regulations of voting Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2016
3. The report summarizes the Board’s 2015 business plan and direction in 2016
4. Report on the activities of the Board in 2015
5. Report of the Supervisory Board
6. Audit Report
7. Balance Sheet 2015
8. Report on the results of business activities in 2015
9. Proposal amend the Company’s Charter
10. Proposal v / v Profit distribution in 2015
11. Proposal v / v select company auditor 2016
12. Proposal v / v Chairman and CEO of the Company
13. Proposal on the ownership ratio of foreign investors
14. Draft Resolution of the AGM 2016
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* The financial statements were audited in 2015 and Annual Report 2015, please see the section SHAREHOLDERS The Company’s website